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Friday, May 31, 2024

Wisconsin Physician's Services aka WPS Health Solutions

 Wisconsin Physician's Services aka WPS Health Solutions of Madison/Monona, WI

Bad Business practices, bad politics 

WPS has a political action group. 

WPS has and continues to finance the treasonous Democrat Party.

WPS has tried to tell it's executives how to vote in Presidential elections. (WE WILL NOT GIVE UP SOURCES OF INFORMATION) 

WPS does not treat it's employees well if you go against the DEM grain. 

WPS has been a federal contractor for Medicare, Tricare, and Veteran Affairs claims processing in the past.

With this Federal Money coming for these contracts who's to say it's not being funneled straight to the Democrat party? 

Should WPS be audited? I think so. WPS has gone very WOKE as we call it in the past 5 years. 

WPS culture has been horrid over the years, which isn't surprising when you look at the management and it's ties to the Democrat party. 

If you plan on working for this company beware. WPS has also used Non-compete contracts with Staffing Agencies to prevent people from leaving on their own terms, so if you accept a job at this employer it may be more difficult to leave than you expect when you decide or later figure out what this place is really like. This walks right around Wisconsin Employee Blacklisting laws. 

The agreements state that Staffing agencies cannot take from WPS employee pools and if you sign enough agreements with all the staffing agencies around town you can understand how difficult it may be to find a new employer when everyone in town uses the same agencies to fill those positions. 

Staffing agencies sometimes also have agreements that state they get first dibs on filling positions before the company puts position public. If the agency fills that position there goes a possible opportunity for employment elsewhere. These agreements put you and your family in a crappy position with significant costs out of your pocket if you have to sell your home and relocate to find a new employer. These agreements also drive employee wages lower in the area. 

If you have a child with disabilities WPS will be your insurance provider and thanks to Obama Don't Care (aka Affordable Care Act) they will use loopholes to not cover your child. 

If your child needs an implant to hear or if your child is rubber stamped with Autism Spectrum you will be denied coverage. Also, important to know is that the employer will not be paying much over a couple grand for emergency Ambulatory services so if you need med flight prepare for depletion of your saving.  

All the above are things I will save you from finding out the hard way. Know who you work for and who they support especially if your possible employer wants to play in the politics game and have their lobbyists. 

WPS was also a Vaccine pusher on its employees during the Covid Plandemic. 

TRUMP 2024!!!! 

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