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Monday, May 13, 2019

Entry Level Precision Rimfire Rifle For Beginners and Adults

Entry Level Precision Rimfire Rifle For Beginners and Adults

It is an awesome time to get into precision shooting. Many manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon.

I was fortunate enough recently to come across a Ruger Distributor Exclusive from Bangers Distribution.

The Ruger Precision 22 LR Rifle is awesome bang for your buck for any beginner. Let me tell you that this rifle offers a lot of performance for the minimal dollar. The Trigger is excellent and light. The customization of the stock allows the user to customize to any shooter. Adjustable buttstock length and cheek rest all standard.  

This 22 Long Rifle also includes a feature I have never seen on a .22 rifle before, an adjustable bolt pull length. You can leave at short 22 LR pull or you can replicate the .308 bolt action pull.

How sweet is that?
The rifle barrel is threaded and suppressor capable. 

Out of the box trigger pull and I was in awe. I tested 3 times to verify. Wow, awesome trigger. Now if this is too light for you it's an adjustable trigger as well. 

Length of the rifle for case hunting. You can buy an AR15 Case. 

Lower Left was Zeroing in the with Cheap Walmart Scope for now. Eventually, I will slap a Vortex on it. 

To put it in perspective and yes that is a dime. 
Note these tests were done at 50 feet distance as that is what the competition I will be competing in shoots at. 

Thank You, Ruger can't wait till my daughter is old enough to shoot. I'm starting her out on this work of art. Shooting this rifle will make you laugh like a giddy little school girl. :-)

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