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Fluoride Exposure Dangers


 The government fights to keep City Water unsafe with Fluoride exposure. Fluoride is a Neurotoxin that is highly toxic that the government has been pushing to be in public water works. The added fluoride is causing dangerous neurological issues in children and adults. The first video is older, and the newer more recent is the 2nd video below which brings you up to the current timeline. Court cases are still in the works. 

Fluoride On Trial: The Censored Science on Fluoride and Your Health
The video below goes into significant detail on human experimentation without consent and many other facts you should be aware of. Protect yourself and your children from these dangerous chemicals and demand that it be removed from the public water works. 

The revealing documentary produced by CHD.TV sounds the alarm on the dangers of fluoride and the U.S. government's nefarious attempt to conceal the truth.
Fluoride on Trial: The Censored Science on Fluoride and Your Health dives into a groundbreaking lawsuit that bans the addition of fluoride chemicals to our water in the United States. Lead attorney on the case, Michael Connett, sits down with Children’s Health Defense President, Mary Holland to pull back the curtain on fluoride and provide a blow-by-blow review of documents unearthed by the Freedom of Information Act. These documents show that a landmark federal review of fluoride’s hazards to the brain has been blocked by political leadership at the highest levels of the Department of Health & Human Services. Several shocking interviews of federal health experts deposed in the case, including representatives for the Center for Disease Control and the Environmental Protection Agency, reveal the unsettling truth about fluoride.

The National Toxicology Program (NTP) conducted a systematic review of the scientific research on fluoride... by jkieler on Scribd

If your in Wisconsin and want to check to see if your city is listed as adding Fluoride to the water because the CDC pushes it with dental health lies go here:

A good place to follow Fluoride Actions

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