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DIY Ammunition Reloading Station

Making an Awesome Ammunition Reloading Station

Costco Tool Cart Starting Point. Everything is lockable.

My uncle inherited this progressive and Shotgun Shell reloader and passed it down to me. I love it. 
This particular model was made shortly after Pacific was bought out by Hornady and then made into a division of Hornady. 

It took me 3 years to accumulate all the pieces of the Hornady Ammo Plant. I was waiting for sales on each component and saving my tax checks. Below was me mapping out mounting points. 

My plans for a drop shoot for finished rounds.

Now if you do alot of trap shooting competitions you can remove the shelf on this side and remove the 50 cal ammo. A 5 gallon bucket fits very nicely here. 

Now the shotgun shell reloader has an ideal location for the pull handle that doesn't bother my shoulder. 

Now for the other side of the station. Ammo Plant install. 

As you can see here the pull bar is much lower and the full stroke of the pull leaves you stooping over, not ideal for my shoulder. 

Into fabrication mode I go... GAS MIG Welder check. Steel Plates Check. C - Channel Steel Check.
This is America, WE FABRICATE When we need something. Good old American Ingenuity.   

Just so happens that Colonial Red Matches Hornady Red. LOL

Awww Much better, No stooping over. 

Brass feed and bullet feed added

In Action Shotgun Shell re-loader taking off. I loved this project. I wanted to do something you couldn't buy and that was different. You know I was so happy to find out that Hornady still makes and sells parts for the 366 Shotgun Shell re-loader. That is a true testament to the reloading press. How Awesome is that. Hornady has been a great company to deal with. I had a missing spent primer cup and they still sell the parts. They also recommended a couple refurbish parts which were extremely reasonable on prices. 


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FoxResurrectionGuy said...

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