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Mini 14 Accuracy Improvements

Mini 14 Accuracy Improvements

Not going to lie you will spend some money to make this a sub MOA Rifle if even possible.

Here are the improvements I did on my father's rifle and I think it needs more work yet. More testing will be required. He needed a new set of ring mount bolts sent from Ruger. They were stretched from being over-torqued, not by me. lol

I recommend anyone who has a Ruger Mini 14 to upgrade to this stock. Oh my god, it is so nice and a huge improvement over the stock one. Fully customizable on the shooter's cheek and shoulder.

To remove the stock you need to pop the trigger guard this locks the stock on this particular model. 

When ordering parts. Things are based on your serial numbers. Not all minis are the same. This is extremely important because Ruger did change manufacturing processes numerous times and barrel designs. Some Earlier barrels had manufacturing issues which led to harmonic problems. Hence, all these lovely products to help improve accuracy. I will say it is still extremely fun to shoot these rifles. This Rifle is the baby brother to the Army's M14. If you haven't shot one, I definitely recommend it. 

Archangel Stock is absolutely amazing.

Ordered an Accu-strut to help with barrel accuracy this came with a new piston block integrated in it.

On the original stock, you always felt like you were searching for the eye relief and with the new stock you can adjust everything out so your perfect as soon as you place your cheek on the rest.

This stock was only  $100.00, which I believe is a smoking deal for all the adjustments. At this point we have been on hold for accuracy testing because the scope kept popping loose. Ruger has sent new scope ring mount bolts. 

Now Next Mini I call taming the Dragon lol. 

Another family member bought a mini 14 from a "friend". 

Problems Found with it, after hearing all kinds of horror stories. I fixed all the problems and the rifle can now be used reliably. 

I added these improvements for free for this family member because honestly, I believe she paid too much and think she was taken advantage of by one of her friends. Honest mistakes, but good learning lessons to pass on to others when looking at buying a used gun. She did have one perk though, someone did do a trigger job on it. 

What I heard was everything from no one can hit anything with it or no one could site it in and zero to we think the barrel is shot out. Well, I can tell you the barrel was nowhere near shot out lol. I did get it to zero for a bit and started finding other issues. 

1st Problem found the was the rear iron sites from the factory were missing the bullet pin that retained the windage settings, so while shooting with irons you could have the rear site move left to right. 

Had Midway not discontinued the part it would have been a lot cheaper to fix

2nd Problem I found was the side mount scope mount, which I like but it wasn't performing as designed after 10 shots the scope mount would come loose and if you hand tightened the stupid thing it would lock up the action. 

Only one site offered replacement rear sites and the original sucked and the military-style upgrade was the same price so I opted for the upgraded version with a nice windage knob.

Now my father had to drastically cut away the aluminum on this side mount to get it to fit the action.  Must have been made in China. Now my fix for the hand tighten and reliably secure scope in position was a simple quarter-inch stainless washer. Used a c-clip tool to take apart then added washer to the backside. This allowed me to tighten down on the mount bolt knob all the way and not lock up the bolt. 

Next thing that was done was to assist in recoil and get rid of the 3-foot dragon flame out of the front of this beast. Mo-Reaper Muzzle brake was installed. Another reason I did this is that someone tampered with the front site and I didn't trust it.  

Now removing the factory front blade site is a real pain, so here is the trick I came up with. Before doing this should note I used painters tape on all possible contact points and the jaws on that vice are loosely opened so that the barrel can slide away. The front site retaining pin is already removed. Vice is only there to support the crescent wrench for this little trick. What you do from this point is to have another person hold the rifle on the bottom and use a 2x2 block of wood and a hammer. place wood over the tip of the barrel and give a couple good solid hits with the hammer. The barrel will drop right out leaving front sight.

How it came out. 

Side mount that probably should have been bought that actually had a picture showing it installed. Of course, double the price.

Clean up and inspection

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