Kieler Militia Supply is here to educate the masses on their rights and help shed light on firearms. We are here to support the "Unorganized Militia" and "Organized Militia". --“I ask who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people, except a few public officers.” – George Mason, Address to the Virginia Ratifying Convention, June 4, 1788


About Us

We are Veteran Owned and Operated

This site was built because of the misinformation that has been seen in the media and the misinformation being spread by our so-called elected officials that aren't representing the people and are only representing their own interests and the interests of incorporations.

In a time where so many senators, congress members, lawyers, and judges are so eager to sell out the public and betray their oath of office we feel it's important to correct the misconceptions on the intent and purpose of the second amendment.

We hope to educate the public and correct the lies and misconceptions of the media. We hope to send the message that it's not ok or acceptable to compromise on people's rights. The Bill of Rights are rights, not privileges that can be taken away from the public.

We encourage firearm ownership and weapons education. We encourage that people exercise their rights and learn as much as they can and share with family and friends.  We encourage safety through education. WE DO NOT AGREE WITH TAKING THE RIGHTS AWAY FROM THE MANY FOR THE FEW!

If politicians are willing to compromise peoples rights then The Bill of Rights isn't worth the paper it's written on anymore and if that's the case then what are soldiers fighting to protect.

The 2nd amendment is the most important amendment on the Bill of Rights. It's the one right that allows people to fight and retain all others. If the 2nd amendment is compromised then all other rights will be compromised as well.

Any politician willing to compromise on the rights of the people aren't serving the people and are violating their oath of office.

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