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Monday, May 20, 2019

Columbia County Public Shooting Range

Columbia County Public Shooting Range

DNR with a committee designed to choose a location decided on the current location which is near DNR Public Hunting ground. 

Problems with the Range are None. 
Problems with little dictators trying to oppress people's rights are many. 

This public range is by far one of the nicest shooting ranges in the area and just 35 minutes out of Madison, Wi.

The range was fully funded on the taxes that Wisconsin residents pay for on Guns and Ammunition.

Part of the problem, when the committee was formed to choose a location, it had members that were against the range being built, which those members should have been kicked from the committee in my opinion.  These are the same people that are trying and continue to try to oppress peoples rights. 

Since implementation, there have been many bogus noise complaints coming from all over from towns down the road. DNR investigating these noise complaints from miles away with decibel readers and could not pick up anything.  

The Range was built to fulfill a public need. Shooting sports are becoming more and more common and popular with that growth people are getting more involved.

Regardless of the complaints, the Range is next to public hunting grounds where there would have been sounds of shots fired anyways and though it's not as frequent, it's a public range, people. Get over it. One suggestion I had was to build a sound wall like the DOT does next to interstate highways at the entrance of the range do deflect sound waves, this would be better than enclosing the Shooter's area locking in ear damaging noise for the shooter. One thing the DNR could do is put hours of operation on it. Set shooting hours so people cannot start before 8 AM and cannot continue after 8 PM

For More Information on the Range, you can visit the DNR's Site and the process was thoroughly vented. 

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