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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Columbia County Public Shooting Range Availability officially Ruined

Recently rules just changed for Columbia County Public Shooting range. You basically need to take a vacation day to use it now. I for one am pretty pissed off about it because now I won't be getting to shoot during the week without taking a vacation day. This will pretty much guarantee that the weekends will be over packed. OFFICIALLY RUINED FOR PUBLIC USE! THANKS FOR WASTING MY TAX PAYING DOLLARS!
If your as mad as I am about it call The Chief Warden below or a politician.

Columbia County Public Shooting Range new rules and information:
Contact(s): Todd Schaller, Chief Warden – Bureau of Law Enforcement, 608-381-8927
POYNETTE, Wis. - The Columbia County Range at Mud Lake Wildlife Area will be closed starting June 3 for general maintenance, evaluation, repairs and updates, state officials announced today.
Keith Warnke, team supervisor of the Wis. Department of Natural Resources R3 program, says the limited closure of the year-old range also offers an opportunity to review operations to ensure the users enjoy a high-quality shooting experience.
"The new range has been well-used since it opened. And, we want to make sure it will continue to effectively serve southern Wisconsin's shooting sports enthusiasts," Warnke said. "These changes also reflect the DNR's goals to maintain positive and supportive relationships with the neighbors who live near this range and all its supporters."
Maintenance and updates will include:
  • repairs to the normal wear of the bullet impact zones on the earthen backstops;
  • updating target stands and signage indicating mandatory safe shooting positions;
  • testing sound mitigation measures;
  • the installation of electricity; and,
  • a new storage shed.
New shooting hours and entry gate, open days remain as is
Warnke says upon the range's reopening, shooting hours will be put into effect while the days of operation will remain the same. An automatic gate will be installed to implement shooting 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. hours.
  • Open days: Thursday through Tuesday.
  • Closed days: Every Wednesday
  • Shooting hours: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Where to find project updates
The range will remain closed until all repairs and updates are completed. Look for updates on this project by searching the DNR website,, for "Columbia County shooting range" and learn more about the public shooting ranges and where each is located statewide by searching "shooting ranges." 

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