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Monday, August 12, 2019

Columbia County Shooting Range Updates

So the DNR implemented new rules of not moving targets for Zeroing your rifle. 
I'm not bothered by the retaliation, it only further proves my point on the abuse of power. I have started congressional investigations before and if I have to start another so be it. 

We The People will not tolerate overreach and we sure as hell won't back down till the hours have been rectified. I see that someone tore down the signs from before because they didn't want to hear another view point on the matter. Well, let it be known your going to start hearing it. 
DNR Headquarters Phone number in addition if anyone wants to know it. 

Any complaints to the DNR appear to be going to the Circular File. Call you congressman.
Also Contact the Governor's Office and issue Complaints

To our followers don't post our handouts at the range. 

The guy that's down there in a vest will tear them down and is a traitor to your cause if you want the range hours increased. One of our followers reached out to inform us. 

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