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Monday, October 7, 2019

South African Conflict Growing with Land and Gun Confiscation

Insight on what could happen in the USA. What is currently happening in South Africa that very few media outlets are talking about, because it shows exactly what can happen when you lose your rights. 

This is why founding fathers gave Americans the 2nd Amendment to protect family and property.
You know it wouldn't be so bad giving the land up if you were getting compensated, but they want to leave current land owners with no money, no means, no way to move elsewhere and they want their guns. This is Tyranny. Many of the owners are white due to land takeovers that happened many generations ago, but they want to persecute the current owners black and white who have done nothing wrong other than trying to make a living, some of them legally bought the land recently and are being told that their deeds are voided.

Part 2 of the South African Conflict:  Town formed for fear of genocide.

South Africa: Ruling urges some 300,000 gun owners to turn in their guns

FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 2018
If you are a gun owner who failed to renew your firearm licence on time, your possession of that weapon is illegal. This is in terms of a unanimous Constitutional Court decision articulated by Justice Johan Froneman yesterday, Lowvelder reports.
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