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Friday, January 3, 2020

LaVoy Finicum's Murder and the current injustice that could happen to you

LaVoy Finicum's Murder and the current injustice that could happen to you.
What occurred!

Keep in mind he has no warrants and has not been charged formally with any crimes. They do specify with reason for stop and they do not notify of road block ahead.   

An FBI agent has been indicted on federal accusations that he lied about firing at Robert "LaVoy" Finicum last year as police arrested the leaders of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation.

The agent will face allegations of making a false statement with intent to obstruct justice, according to sources familiar with the case.

Video Footage from in the truck day of murder.

Daughter's comments and ongoing fight.

You can support the family at their website:

Full press conference on LaVoy Finicum's death investigation

In my opinion the Oregon Law Enforcement's assessment is shit. They could have just allowed him to go to the Sheriff and follow as suggested and had no fatalities. They did not state reason for pullover! He didn't draw a firearm and was shot in the back.  This is really sad and unfortunate. The court system buried the investigation into wrong doings. 

Follow up from the incident:

The lawsuit was filed in January 2018 in U.S. District Court of Oregon by Ryan Payne, Shawna Cox and others who were associated with the Bundy family’s 2016 occupation of the wildlife refuge. They claimed that FBI agents, Oregon State Police and other officials violated their civil rights by using excessive force and “ambushing” them on the day Finicum was shot and killed.

Chief District Court Judge Michael Mosman dismissed all counts in the lawsuit Friday, saying “It’s time to put a fork in this case.”

Last year a jury declared an FBI agent not guilty of obstructing an investigation into who fired two errant shots at Finicum. Agent W. Joseph Astarita, 41, was charged with making false statements and obstruction of justice after telling investigators he did not fire the shots that missed Finicum.

Many of the original defendants in the case, including Astarita and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, had already been dismissed over the course of nearly two years of litigation.

ASK yourself why would they lie about the shots fired???? Ask Yourself this, Does a statement from the Judge "It's time to put a fork in this case." sound unbiased to you?

Do you think it was justified? 
LaVoy Finicum was legally carrying the firearm and was not a convicted felon.
Let me say, if I took those shots as a concealed carry holder it would not be a justified shooting someone in the back and I would be in jail as a private citizen. 

Other observations that were found interesting:

First shot was earlier on. True intents??? Escalate and Kill??

Other accounts and Excellent External Analysis that shows a ton of problems. Evidence points to methodically planned hit. 

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