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Monday, February 10, 2020

Wisconsin Veteran forced to fight Government

Wisconsin Veteran forced to fight Government. Fighting for his Constitutional Rights when he shouldn't have to. Judge Chad Hendee of Green Lake County should have thrown this out of court on the basis that no laws were broken, but for some reason it appears there is a side agenda. This Judge should be removed from office and impeached if he is violating people's rights and not following his Oath of Office.

To assist this patriot and fellow Army Veteran he has asked that you compose a nice letter on his behalf to Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty. They are a nonprofit legal firm that pledges to protect the rights of Wisconsinites. Make no mistake what is happening to Rich Clewein and his wife by the court system is criminal and it goes to show what could happen to you.
Link to Contact WILL: 


Contact your Congress Person for your area to voice your opinion on 2nd Amendment and share this story. Send them a link to the YouTube video or this post.

A direct share to the YouTube Video is here:

In addition to posting this and writing a letter myself to Luke I have also messaged Fox News network in attempt to get more coverage of this story.


Anonymous said...

I just think what this poor vet is goingg through is an ABOMINATION. The people suing him are gun-grabbing Bloomberg minions: this strategy of harassment they're pulling is designed to legally intimidate the rural townspeople out of using their God-given 2A rights. The townspeople need to get together and force these gungrabbers OUT, or they're next for "legal" harassment! My guess is that this could be a test-drive case by Bloomberg minions to see if they can chip at Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties by pulling this crap.

This vet needs protection and support!

FoxResurrectionGuy said...

Yep, I agree and every American needs to fight it.