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Monday, November 2, 2020

Joe Biden going to Ban your ability to defend yourself

 Joe Biden going to Ban your ability to defend yourself

I live in a drug and gang enforcement zone and I have called 911 on numerous occasions. The response time for police in town will never be fast enough and yes capacity matters. Joe Biden's comments in the past on a shotgun for defense shows he is completely clueless. It's never just 1 on 1 with criminals these days it's numerous criminals at once. An assault by 3 or more in many cases. Hi capacity mags are justified when you need to defend your family and community. 

When Joe Biden talks about reclassifying Rifles and throwing a basic semi auto rifle and accessories under the NFA he is talking about making them subject to a 200.00 dollar unconstitutional tax on your rights and if you can't afford it well he wants to confiscate your firearm or label and honest law abiding and working citizen as a felon. This is an attack on your Bill of Rights and the NFA should be repealed as it stands it is an unconstitutional restriction on your rights. 

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