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Friday, February 19, 2021

Project: Civilian Marksmanship Competition Rifle

Project: Civilian Marksmanship Competition Rifle

Soon I will have accumulated another 80% Rifle upper and lower receiver that I will have custom laser engraved for this new project and I will feature the whole build process. This rifle will be built to the CMP 2020 -2021 Rule book which you can find on page links to the right side of this blog under pages of interest or you can click this link:

I have slowly been accumulating the parts as I am trying to acquire as many parts as I can from the State of Wisconsin since that is where I am based out of and I am trying to support local businesses during these trying times. Stay tuned 

Criterion Barrel Made in Wisconsin .223 Wylde Chamber designed to shoot .223 and 5.56 but designed with tighter tolerances for precision shooting.

Wisconsin Trigger Company Made in Wisconsin

While I have my Bolt Carrier and Barrel now I might as will check the chamber with my go and no - go headspace Gauges I picked up from

To do this check with a new barrel not installed you'll take apart your bolt carrier group because you'll be using just the bolt and the chamber checkers.

First, you'll drop in the go headspace gauge into the chamber. You'll insert the go gauge and see if the bolt will go in and lock lugs.

It locked woo hoo. 

if it doesn't lock on the NO - GO the headspace is within specifications. 

This barrel is 100% within spec. It would not lock on the no-go gauge.

If you ever have a bolt that does lock on the no-go gauge. First, check another bolt if the issue is still present you have to immediately contact the manufacturer or take it to a gunsmith before use as the headspace is out of spec and it is too dangerous to use till the issue is corrected.   

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Headspace issues can lead to damage to a firearm, bodily damage, or even death to the person operating the firearm. 

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