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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Project: Civilian Marksmanship Competition Rifle day 2

 Project: Civilian Marksmanship Competition Rifle day 2

Planning on what works and what doesn't for engravings. Print out what you want to be engraved by printing, cutting, and placing on the receiver. Trial and error to see what fits and where.

If your looking for ATF guidelines for engravings you can review them here:

Test things out, look at another receiver if you have one lying around. 
NOTE: Be aware of where you're going to have holes drilled as shown here. As you can see this will not work in this location. Alteration required. 

This will work. I chose a different quote and see how I spread the wording out to avoid drill locations.

Here is an example of what I provide to the laser egraver along with .svg image files.

Kieler Militia Supply 80% Engraving Instructions by jkieler on Scribd

Assembling the upper receiver

lightly oil before assembly
When assembling you will need to push the button in while driving the forward assist retaining roll pin in.

Note: Use the proper punch set for this. there are specific roll pin punches made to not destroy the roll pin. Cabela's has a very nice Herter's brand name set I use. Also, tape off the area in case you slip off of the pin to avoid damaging the finish. 

Dust cover installation. This will be a little tricky, but doable for anyone. No tool really acquired for this task with everything apart. You must need to manipulate the spring while feeding the rod through 

Notice C-clip orientation. it is on the forward side. Make sure that you have the rod all the way back so that it will not be touched by the barrel nut or any other part. On a precision rifle tolerances are everything, so make sure everything is oriented and placed where it needs to be. The goal is no gaps anywhere they shouldn't be. Every component plays a role in the bullets performance down range.

soon we will cover barrel seating and more assembly.

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