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Friday, May 14, 2021

"Ghost Guns" media made up Hype word to drum up fear.

 "Ghost Guns" media made up Hype word to drum up fear.

The ghost gun lies. 

"This Is A Made-Up Problem!": Ted Cruz Rips Democratic "Ghost Gun" Legislation

Homemade guns are not a problem.
Ted Cruz with actual facts on homemade guns and the lack of use by criminals.

My opinion:
I will tell you that most criminals are too lazy to actually build it themselves. 
There is an investment in the kit or finding all the parts. There is an investment in all the specialty tools required which can be more costly than the firearm kit and then there is the time involved. Most people cannot afford the Ghost Gunner CNC at $2100.00. You will not find Criminals or a lot of standard citizens putting that kind of investment into tools.

If the left wants to defund someone, they should defund ATF, it's an agency that should have gone away with prohibition.

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