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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

SAFE GUN Storage Act

 Safe Gun Storage Act is designed to hem up law-abiding citizens in catch 22 type of laws. This act will slow a person down from getting to their gun when needed and possibly get innocent people killed. A better bill would be to propose mandatory firearms training in schools so that people know how to appropriately handle a firearm and unload it safely. No one should support this bill, it doesn't teach safety or educate anyone. It punishes gun owners more than anything and will lead to more accidents because of people not being educated properly on firearms. 

I do not support Tammy Baldwin stance on the Safe Gun Storage Act. 

As a person that has called 911 before and seen the horrid response time of police while living in a city, I know every second will count and your attacker or perpetrator won't be waiting 15 - 20 minutes for police to arrive. It is not the business of our Government how we store our guns and protect our families.

Don't vote for people going against your rights or trying to punish gun owners!!!

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