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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

World Economic Forum and it's leader's family ties to the NAZI party.

 World Economic Forum and it's leader's family ties to the NAZI party. 

Let the brainwashing end by exposing the truth!

It may look pretty but let's take a deep dive into the founder and executive chairman Klaus Schwab and his family's historical history. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Fascism must be exposed and rooted out for what it is. Hard to believe but the US government allowed lots of Nazi Doctors to live and I feel that was a huge mistake considering the evil that was done and perpetrated against civilization. The US government saw these doctors as weapons too powerful to be possibly allowed to fall into the adversary's hands, but too knowledgeable to perish with other evildoers, but you can see that the ideology, controls, and human experimentation during Covid 19 are starting to rise to new levels and we can thank the decedents of Nazi Collaborators and Nazi party members that survived and gained many riches over the years.

Klaus Schwab is founder of :

Family History Article relating to Nazi Party by Johnny Vedmore

Schwab Family Values - by jkieler on Scribd

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