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Sunday, August 29, 2021

Afghanistan Refugees Not Being Vented before boarding Aircraft

Afghanistan Refugees Not Being Vented before boarding Aircraft. This potentially can be a huge problem for the USA. Wrong people here could lead to terrorist sleeper cells in the United States, which in turn could lead to another 9/11. I suggested a long time ago to use Military installations to vent certain refugees from hostile countries, (When Syrians were taken by Germany after we handed US Bases back to German Gov) let's hope the appropriate venting occurs. 

As of Friday,  we got 3000 Afghanistan refugees here in Wisconsin at Ft McCoy. They may not have supported US troops as some may say. I remember the days when our soldiers died at the hands of people we thought were on our side in Afghanistan. 

There is a huge concern here and I personally have little faith in the venting process, because it sounds to me there was none on these aircraft loaded up with Afghan refugees and little to no Americans. No prioritization of special Visas or Americans. The buck does not stop at Joe in my opinion it's his whole administration, VP included. 

Never give up your guns people and be aware of your surroundings. Honestly, there are lots of good people looking for a better life, but there are also extremists looking to harm Americans based on horribly wrong interpretations of the Holy Quran. Like the Army always drilled into us, I will restate the old saying: "Stay alert, stay alive!". Let's hope these people are very appreciative and have honest intentions. 

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