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Friday, September 24, 2021

Information on approved Covid vaccine by FDA for US military members.

 What US Military members need to know. 

If it's not labeled as  Comirnaty it is not the approved drug and currently, not all ingredients have been provided. Legal team has filed FOIA for the release of all ingredients. Ingredient not being disclosed makes up around 20% of the injection. I ask this, "Why would they Redact one of the ingredients?" To have truly informed consent all ingredients must be known so that an informed decision can be made.

There are legal reasons to not take anything that does not have the officially licensed label on it. Liability will only apply to the officially labeled product. IF you are a soldier and decide to take the vaccine be sure to make sure all batch numbers and documentation is noted on your vaccine record. Make copies of that vaccine record. Records get lost and disappear, sometimes by vindictive people. Always make copies of your medical file so you have evidence to provide to the Veteran Affairs when you get out. I had 3 copies of my files because I was informed by other enlisted soldiers that people were purposely losing files in Dexheim, Germany. Army of One, Look out for your own future and protect yourself by making and keeping copies somewhere safe. 

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