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Friday, October 29, 2021

Representatives supporting Red Flag Law.

Representatives that vote for Red Flag laws are "Oath Breakers" betraying their constituents and blatantly going against the oath of office they swore to uphold. They believe they are above the law and the constitution. They look at their own self-interest before their constituents. 

This is too important to not call out. 

If you are a constituent under these representatives you need to find an alternate that supports your rights.

29  members of the house voted for a new Red Flag Bill helping it pass the house and on to the Senate
These people were willing to sell out our Constitutional Rights.
Dave Joyce - OH
John Katko - NY
Nicole Maliokatakis - NY
Michael McCall - TX
Troy Balderson - OH
Stephanie Vice - OK
Mike Bost - IL
John Carter - TX
 Rodney Davis - IL
 Mariannette Miller/Meeks - IA
Markwayne Mullen - OK
 Tom Reed - NY
 Mike Simpson - ID
Pete Stauber - MN
Mario Diaz-Balart - FL
Brian Fitzpatrick - PA
Vicente Gonzalez -OH
Darrell Issa - Ca
Bryan Steil - WI
Fred Upton - MI
David G.Validero - Ca
Jefferson Van Drew - NJ
The Unorganized Militia under Title 10 section 246 B is the citizenry of the United States. Red Flag Laws are highly unconstitutional in multiple ways. All citizens must be ready to answer to the call of service to defend the people from enemies foreign and domestic. 

My Second Amendment page to the right goes into the purpose of the Second Amendment. Our Bill of Rights should never be questioned and if anything it should be expanded upon as a free nation. The Bill of Rights meant to put limits to federal power and to Guarantee undeniable rights to free people. 

Refer to the right column in regards to the 2nd Amendment Intent. 


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