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Friday, November 12, 2021

3212 Un-redacted" Probes death of Green Berets KIA

 3212 Un-redacted" Probes death of Green Berets KIA 

Pentagon Lies about Green Berets that died.
Conflicting information from Pentagon told to family members.
Pentagon Falsely accused 3212 of going on a rogue mission, which was a blatant lie and later partially corrected by issuing medals to the fallen much later.
Top Brass in the Army tried to cover up and protect themselves from owning up to failures and accountability while passing blame to someone who had no involvement in the failures.

MAJ Alan VAN SAUN stated,
"ODA 3212 was trained and certified and validated by Lieutenant Colonel Painter and Colonel Moses."

Maj Alan Van Saun had his career wrongfully and prematurely ended.

Mission videos shared and un-redacted reports now shared. 

This is a MUST WATCH on HULU full story. Search "3212 Un-Redacted"

If you're looking to support Green Berets and their families consider donating to the
Green Beret Foundation. 

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