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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Kyle Rittenhouse Self Defense Trial Continuation.

 Kyle Rittenhouse Self Defense Trial Continuation.

I'm loving this judge. You clearly see from the questioning from the ADA prosecution that he's a Biden Voter. LOL

My questions for the day.

Why was ATF and FBI harassing witnesses? Why were they there to begin with? No one is asking why they had a plane or drone in the air in the media? 

I think it's about time to disband FBI and replace them with a new agency. 

What I see out of this trial is an innocent man being attacked for political means. Clearly the ADA  is against the 2nd Amendment based off his line of questioning or ignores the true meaning and reasoning of the 2nd Amendment. Why does the type of firearm used matter in a self-defense case? ADA keeps asking and mentioning the use of an AR15 instead of actually doing his job. His case against Kyle from what I see is a waste of taxpayers money and time. What a bunch of tools. Firearm used means nothing who could have had a 50 cal and still doesn't matter because of justified use of deadly force. Seems ADA is trying to pull Political strings in the Jurors because he has no real case. 

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