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Monday, November 15, 2021

LIVE: Jury instructions, closing arguments in Kyle Rittenhouse trial:


LIVE: Jury instructions, closing arguments in Kyle Rittenhouse trial. I would like to say Good Job to the Defense for bringing forth the Truth!!! 

Hopefully the truth sets him free, because we know the jury doesn't know about the rap sheets of the perpetrators and has some limitations on what they hear.

Prosecution Lies about Joseph Rosenbaum Pedophile, Sex Offender of 5 young children ages 9 - 11 years old, and convicted felon. Rosenbaum was bipolar.. Rosenbaum's girlfriend 

The additional people shot that night all had rap sheets as well. 

"Jump Kick Man" tried to crush Kyle's skull into the ground with his boots which could result in great bodily harm or even death. 

Also, as a kid I skateboarded and I can tell you that a skateboard can easily be used as a deadly weapon. I still stand with Kyle and agree with Colion Noir as this is Self Defense. 

I also after watching this case and feel that the state of Wisconsin should pass the same law that Texas has where you can shoot to protect your property. Especially, 

I will make it clear that Kyle was not shooting people to protect property and it was 100% self defense trying to stop an imminent threat of bodily or death to himself.

EXCLUSIVE: Prosecution's star witness in Kyle Rittenhouse case is a career criminal with a history of domestic abuse, prowling, trespass and burglary - but had charges DROPPED just six days before trial began and jury never learned of his past

  • Gaige Grosskreutz, 28, was shot by Kyle Rittenhouse in August 2020, and appeared as the prosecution's star witness last week  
  • has learned Grosskreutz is a violent career criminal with a laundry list of prior offenses and convictions stretching back more than a decade 
  • These include domestic abuse, prowling, trespass, two DUIs, felony burglary and two charges of carrying a firearm while intoxicated 
  • Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger was well aware of this when he paraded Grosskreutz as a paragon of selfless virtue in front of the jury 
  • Less than ten days before he was shot by Rittenhouse, Grosskreutz was arrested and charged with prowling when he was caught videotaping cops' personal cars 
  • But the Rittenhouse jury heard none of this because just six days before he took the stand, Grosskreutz's DUI charge was dismissed on a technicality  
  • Had Grosskreutz's latest DUI charge not been dismissed, Rittenhouse's defense would have been allowed to question him under oath about the offense 
Adding to this Grosskreutz lied about having firearm to police, which is obstruction of justice. Grosskreutz did not have a conceal Carry permit. Grosskreutz would not disclose his phone upon request by police. The state decides not to pursue a warrant to do so because if they do defense would have that evidence as well which wouldn't fit the states objective to screw Kyle Rittenhouse. They had a warrant to do so, but did not act on it.

Rittenhouse Weapons Charge was dropped because he did not violate Wisconsin Law.

I look forward to Kyle suing all the Slanderous Media and the President of the United States

'The Five' react to trial of Kyle Rittenhouse closing arguments

Prosecution was trying to make Anthony Huber out to be a hero but the truth couldn't be further from the truth. Take a look at this guys Criminal background. 
Acquired through Wisconsin Circuit Court System. 

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