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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Monopoly on Big Tech and Continued Anti Trust Law violators

 Already the start of 2022 attacks on Free Speech and Censorship on Steroids. Section 230 needs full repeal. Many political rivals having social media accounts permanently banned and censored. 

Big tech isn't the only ones violating Antitrust laws. Many news outlets are as well with constant misinformation on 

People need to move to MEWE, Bitchute, Rumble, Telegram, GETR. GAB. 

Call your politicians and demand the breakup of Twitter and Facebook for numerous antitrust violations on free speech.

Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of the nine original mRNA vaccine patents, which were originally filed in 1989 (including both the idea of mRNA vaccines and the original proof of principle experiments) and RNA transfection. Dr. Malone, has close to 100 peer-reviewed publications which have been cited over 12,000 times. Since January 2020, Dr. Malone has been leading a large team focused on clinical research design, drug development, computer modeling and mechanisms of action of repurposed drugs for the treatment of COVID-19. Dr. Malone is the Medical Director of The Unity Project, a group of 300 organizations across the US standing against mandated COVID vaccines for children. He is also the President of the Global Covid Summit, an organization of over 16,000 doctors and scientists committed to speaking truth to power about COVID pandemic research and treatment.

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