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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

AR10 / SR25 / LR-308 Build Project KMS-PR-MK1 ISSUE FOUND AND FIX

 AR10 / SR25 / LR-308 Build Project KMS-PR-MK1 ISSUE FOUND AND FIX

Re-engineering a solution to a bolt catch release button being held back when upper receiver was attached.

During testing and tuning we noticed bolt failed to lock back and even when manually locking back it was very sensitive to touch and bolt would fly forward. 

So here is what I found and what I did to fix the issue.

The issue bolt catch was being held back by upper and barely catching a bolt tooth. 

Too much material on the button and found marks where it hits the upper.. 

All kinds of travel when upper is off. 

It crosses into bottom of upper when traveling up and is held down by upper too far.

Rub mark

The fix. Very carefully remove interfering material

Test fitting.

Full Bolt catch as it's intended to be. Easily locks back on empty mag.



Reliable, dependable and ready to go. This Sub-MOA Rifle is ready to kick rear and take names. with My homemade .308 cartridges using 168 Grain bullets, 42 grains of Varget-some Gun powder, and Federal primers.  

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