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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Dave Ramsey VS Glenn Beck on World Economic Forum''s "The Great Reset"

Dave Ramsey VS Glenn Beck on World Economic Forum's "The Great Reset"

We agree with Brad Long in this assessment. 

As you know "The Great Reset" designed by billionaires involved with World Economic Forum has been moving forward.

All global banking charters now have "bail-in" provisions, making anyone who has a bank account an "unsecured creditor" and not the owner of your currency in the bank. This means that when or if the bank fails (whether it's their fault or not), You help make them solvent by "donating" a portion of your hard-earned cash. <-- This could happen at any time. Let's rethink your retirement plans again. 

You want to know more about this provision research "Cyprus Bank Bail-ins" or you can read this lovely Forbes article discussing this plan. 

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