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Saturday, April 9, 2022

Governor Evers Vetoes Natural Immunity to Covid-19

In our opinion:

Governor Anthony (Tony) Evers is bad for Wisconsin, bad for society, bad for science, and just all-around bad. Tony Evers's actions speak louder than words. His actions say he supports medical discrimination against persons of disability, his actions say he's for big pharma and doesn't care about your pre-existing conditions or religious beliefs. Remember that when you're voting. Tony Evers protects the companies that are exempted from liability for their damaging products. 

Tony Evers believes DEATH, MYOCARDITIS, BLOOD CLOTS, and BRAIN ANEURYSMS are all acceptable short-term side effects of the Covid 19 Vaccines for you and your children. We can't even talk about Long Term Side Effects because that's still being evaluated. 

Tony Evers like some of our Federal agencies has traded real science for political science. 

 On 4/8/2022, Gov. Evers vetoed Assembly Bill 675,  relating to: natural immunity to COVID-19 in lieu of proof of vaccination or test.

See full bill history here:

Per the Legislative Reference Bureau: 

“This bill provides that if an employer requires an employee to provide proof of having received a vaccine against COVID-19, or to be regularly tested for COVID-19 as a condition of continued employment or an offer of employment, the employer is required to accept, in lieu of proof of such vaccination or regular testing, documentation demonstrating natural immunity against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus—either documentation showing that the individual tested positive for COVID-19 or documentation of a serology test that shows the presence of naturally occurring antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in the individual's blood. Under the bill, the documentation must be dated after March 1, 2020, and be signed by a health care provider licensed in the United States or a territory of the United States.”

It’s a shame Gov. Evers does not acknowledge natural immunity. It saddens us that he once again refuses to assist the people of Wisconsin in removing barriers for families to feed their children and put a roof over their families' heads in sole support of a medical procedure that carries very real risks, including the risk of death.

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