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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Tweaks and Updates to the Remington 700 Budget build

I wanted to build a rifle to take on the M24 Sniper Rifle. I succeeded at a fraction of the cost.

Started with the Remington 700 SPS, which had the same action barrel and Accutrigger that the Police and Military had off the shelf. Now I got that rifle at a bargain because Remington had a manufacturer rebate on the rifle. I scored it in the 300's. 

Next, I took it all apart and bought the Very capable Magpul Hunter 700 stock from Cabela's. Thank you very much for the Military Discount. The current price is 259.00 I paid less when I started this project. Hunter 700 has a real nice Aluminum bed block and fully free-floats the barrel. I believe I torqued the front bolt and 70-inch lbs and rear at 65-inch lbs. I also added the Magpul Mag box to match stock and this boosted the cycling reliability tremendously. Short Action mag box 69.99

Now little did I know this was one of the rifles in the Accu Trigger Recall. It didn't matter to me I never used safety, because I've been pulling my bolt from the rifle when I walk downrange since Chris Kyle got shot with his own gun at a Texas shooting range. Taking the Firing Pin with you is safer than Safety engaged nowadays. What happened to Chris Kyle was very tragic and the nation lost a hero.  

Just to be safe in case my family borrowed my rifle, I decided to change that trigger. My Rifle couldn't be sent back to Remington with the mods I had already performed. It just wouldn't fit in the box that they sent and I didn't feel like being without my rifle anyway, so I went to my gunsmith Gary Brock in Sauk Prairie, WI who works out at Wilderness Fish and Game. He did such a  beautiful job on the rifle's crown, just a gorgeous job. Well, he had a nice Timney Trigger and so I bought that trigger and slapped it on. 

For Optics I went with the Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical FFP 6-24x50. 

Well here is what it came out to be. A Sub MOA rifle.

200 Yards 168gr Hornady bullet 42 grains of Varget Federal Primers.
Vortex Diamondback Tactical Scope.

Went back to Gary and decided to have the barrel threaded for a Yankee Hill QD Muzzle break that will allow me to take my Titanium Yankee Hill Phantom Suppressor and interchange it between my 300 Blackout and this rifle. Worked out great. At the range, we had a little bit of crosswind. I'm sure I pulled a couple as well, but not bad for a little messing around. I will also mention I shortened the barrel a bit as well to make it easier for finding a case. I regret that decision a bit. I may come back down the road with a new barrel for this project, but as you can see still have quite a bit of performance out of it. 


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