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Monday, August 1, 2022

These Rinos Need to Go!!! Chris Jacobs and Brian Fitzpatrick

These Rinos Need to Go!!! 
2 Republicans In Favor of Banning AR-15s Is The Reason It Passed The House
Brian Fitzpatrick, Chris Jacobs, Oath Violators

2 Republicans In Favor of Banning AR-15s Is The Reason It Passed The House

I want you to meet Brian Fitzpatrick and Chris Jacobs. These two Rinos are the reason the AR-15 Ban passed the House.

To get a bill passed in the House, you need a 51-vote majority.

Five Democrats voted against the bill, but two republicans, Brian Fitzpatrick and Chris Jacobs voted in favor of the AR-15 Ban.

If these two Republicans hadn't voted against the AR15 Ban, the bill would have died.

So what next?

Now it goes to the Senate. Unlike the House, where you need a 51 Vote majority, in the Senate, you need a 60-vote majority to pass a bill.

That means 60 out of 100 Senators have to vote in favor of the AR-15 Ban for it to pass.

Right now, the Senate is split evenly between republicans and democrats, so the likelihood of 10 republican senators voting for an assault weapon ban is not incredibly high, or is it?

I didn't think republicans in the House would vote in favor of an assault weapon ban at all, but that's exactly what happened.

To make matters worse, less than a month ago, I did a video about how 14 republicans in the Senate voted for a gun control bill.

So yeah, I'm not exactly holding my breath. 

There is nothing guaranteed in politics. The gun community gets complacent way too quickly.

We think seeing an "R" by someone's name guarantees they'll protect your 2A rights, but as we see here, that's not always the case. 


Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania - His district office can be reached at 215-579-8102 and his DC office can be reached at (202) 225-4276.

Chris Jacobs of New York - His district offices can be reached at (716) 634–2324 and (585) 519–4002 and his DC office at (202) 225–5265

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