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Monday, January 16, 2023

BREAKING News Attorney Stephen Halbrook Breaks down ATFs pistol Brace Rule

 Attorney and 2A Historian Stephen Halbrook has defeated the ATF/DOJ before the U.S. Supreme Court and now he turns his attention to explaining the ATF PISTOL BRACE RULES and what they mean for you. A super detailed discussion of the new pistol brace rules is a must watch

0:00 Introduction 2:00 Stephen Halbrook 2:30 Pistol Braces 3:11 ATF Flip Flop 3:40 ATF Expands Crimes 4:30 Intent v. Allows Fire from Shoulder 6:00 ATF is Legislating 7:17 NFA and GCA 8:44 Irony: SBRs and Concealability 9:42 SBR Not in Original NFA 11:15 Common Use 11:44 Handguns are 2A Protected 13:05 From 4999 13:38 Marketing 14:38 Heavy Pistols 15:47 Rifle Defined 16:21 Staples v. USA 19:12 New Rifle Definition 20:40 “Indicate” Not “Prove” 21:03 6 Factors 25:08 'Expert Witness' & Legal Process 29:59 ATF Games 36:24 All Braces Qualify? 40:25 Court Response 46:40 Chevron Doctrine 51:26 Consults with Counsel 53:12 AR-15 BOOK

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