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Sunday, February 5, 2023

(Interview) MASSIVE: Sheriff tells ATF NO will STOP ATF agents!

 (Interview) MASSIVE: Sheriff tells ATF NO will STOP ATF agents!

Polk County Wisconsin Sheriff 

Show your support for Sheriff Brent Waak by clicking Like on the video, commenting whether you stand behind him, and sharing! Please also consider subscribing to our channel to help us grow. Ever wanted to get inside the head of a pro-2nd amendment Sheriff who said he will NOT comply with the ATF pistol brace rule and stand up for his citizens? Link to Sherriff Waak's letter: Ex-state prosecutor and 2a attorney Tom Grieve sits down with Sheriff Brent Waak of Polk County Wisconsin, a 2nd amendment sanctuary county, about his letter that he sent to ATF Director Steven Dettelbach warning that he will not only NOT enforce the rule but that he may take steps to PROTECT his citizens. #2ndamendment #pistolbrace #atf

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