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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

CITIZEN HANDGUN SAFETY CLASS taught by Shelby County Sheriff's Office

 CITIZEN HANDGUN SAFETY CLASS taught by Shelby County Sheriff's Office

This is a new training initiative to serve our citizens throughout Shelby County. The Tennessee Governor signed a new state law allowing for the permitless carry of handguns, effective July 1. However, there is no training requirement to accompany this law. We need to ensure our citizens who choose to carry a firearm have a level of understanding about the TN firearms laws and know how to safely handle and operate a firearm because their firearms handling mistake could mean serious bodily harm or death of an innocent bystander. Therefore, the Sheriff’s Office offered free handgun safety classes, but no live weapons fire. The classes were taught by SCSO certified firearms instructors -- the same instructors who teach our deputy sheriffs. Four inaugural three-hour training classes were held in May and June at the SCSO Training Academy. This video on the SCSO YouTube channel is one of those classes, taught by a certified firearms instructor.

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