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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Breaking: ATF Changes Their Mind With Only 6 Days Left!

 Breaking: ATF Changes Their Mind With Only 6 Days Left!

Going over the update of the ATF Pistol Brace Ban. Use code "tacticaladvisor" to save at the companies below. - Brownells - Use code "TA10" - Midwest Industries - Use code "TA10" - ZEV - 10% off - Vertx - 15% off - Cloud Defensive - 10% off - TA Target's - 10% off - Neomag - 10% off - Lox Hair product - 10% off - Premier Body Armor - 10% off - Kunvirt - 10% off - USElite Gear - Free Shipping - Slate Black - Use code "tacadv" - RMA Armor - Use code "TA10" for 10% off

Call your Politicians and demand them to stop ATF's overreach they are just confusing everyone and there is nothing making these items safer or less safe by paying a 200.00 tax stamp. There is irreparable harm to you if your forced to destroy an item that you legally purchased. ATF needs to be shutdown. This ruling could find many people in states where Short barreled rifles are not legal but pistols are turned into felons. If you're in one of those states I suggest you call your politicians every day to demand this ruling be stopped. Go Support FPC. GOA, and all the organizations that are going to court to protect your rights. We alone cannot afford to legally go after a federal agency running on our tax dollars having unlimited funds, but combined effort through organizations like GOA and FPC we have a fighting chance so please support them in their efforts.

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