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Thursday, June 29, 2023

States Can Now Limit The Amount Of Firearms You Can Own?!

 States Can Now Limit The Amount Of Firearms You Can Own?!

This video is for educational purposes.

00:00 States are trying to limit the amount of firearms you can own?
01:00 Boland v Bonta Update
14:56 State's response
16:16 When will a decision be made?

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Boland V Banta is a challenge to California's roster of safe handguns. Now while this is specific to California this video is actually being done because the pleadings that the state attorney general has put forth in this case are extraordinarily instructive to how other states are going to be trying to argue that the Second Amendment simply does not apply to the rules and laws that they have established in their home States restricting in a person's ability to be able to exercise their second amendment rights

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