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Friday, August 11, 2023

Republicans Voted For Gun Control That's Now Leading To Biden Banning Private Gun Sales

 Republicans Voted For Gun Control That's Now Leading To Biden Banning Private Gun Sales

Banning Private Gun Sales
Biden is planning to flex his executive powers and direct the ATF to roll out a rule that could potentially destroy private gun sales. Here's the backstory: Last year, a number of Republicans sided with Democrats to pass the "Bi-Partisan Safer Communities Act." Guess what? We warned those Republican goofballs that this move was a trap, and now Biden and his anti-gun allies are exploiting it to push even more gun control. These Republicans didn't realize that this law would redefine a "Firearms Dealer" to include anyone who makes a profit selling guns, turning casual sales between friends and family into a federal offense. Think about it: this could spell the end of private gun sales, but only for law-abiding citizens. Criminals don't care about these rules. And let's talk about universal background checks – they don't work. Recent research in California showed zero effect on gun violence rates. But here's the kicker: enforcing universal background checks means creating a national gun registry that won't stop crime, but it will pave the way for potential confiscation. They'll call it a "buy back," but it'll be mandatory. Now, this rule is still in draft form, but it's expected to drop later this year. Here's what I need from you: when public comments open up after the announcement, let your voice be heard. Shut down this nonsense and defend our rights.

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