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Thursday, September 7, 2023

Liberty Safes Betraying customer Privacy

 Liberty Safe's Betraying customer Privacy 

Critics on social media: "You know, with a warrant they could have just had the safe owner open it. After all they raided the house and supposedly held the girlfriend at gun point. Since they were there and had access to someone who could open it, there really wasn’t a need for you to be involved. Welcome to the Bud Light club." -- Dorie Neuhaus on Facebook "Liberty Safe gives out backdoor access to your belongings and enables the government to trample you. These kinds of companies need to be left in the past." -- Hunter Broadhead, on Facebook "We look forward to seeing your company on a future Chapter 13 list. May you join Kmart and Sears sooner than later." -- Preston D. Morton on Facebook

In our opinion Liberty Safe's just betrayed their customer's trust which is a huge problem for any current or future customer of Liberty Safes. I for one will not be buying a liberty safe and i will definitely be venting manufacturers in the future.

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