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Monday, October 16, 2023

TRUTH How ATF Tactics to Shutdown FFLs

 TRUTH How ATF Tactics to Shutdown FFLs

TRUTH ATF Tactics to Shut Down FFLs Channel Sponsors Saturday, December 16, 2023 Best Self-Defense use of Force and Conceal Carry Training Wisconsin ATF and FFL Consulting, Firearm Estate Sales: Wisconsin Divorce and Family Lawyers: Wisconsin OWI DUI Drunk Driving Lawyers Wisconsin Criminal Attorneys Wisconsin Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Depression and Anxiey, Reset Restore MD. (PROOF) The RACIST History Of Gun Control Colonies + Early States [Part 1] Defensive Gun Use ends in CRIMINAL charges: Learn the Lessons [INTERVIEW]! (Interview) MASSIVE: Sheriff tells ATF NO will STOP ATF agents! When do PARTS become GUNS and YOU go to PRISON: Law of Constructive Possession+Intent Contents of this video: 0:00 - Intro 00:53 - First way FFLs are losing their license 5:13 - Can you fight back and win? 6:05 - Second way FFLs are getting revoked 8:23 - 3rd way FFLs are losing their license 11:10 - Does asking questions hurt? 14:44 - 15:22 - Quote of the Day Attorney Tom Grieve is a former state criminal prosecutor from Wisconsin before eventually founding what is now the state's largest criminal defense firm at more than 20 attorneys. In 2019 the firm expanded into family law and added a dedicated team of professionals to further serve clients with similar aggressive and proven strategies. Beyond the courtroom, Tom has been interviewed and appeared in numerous media outlets, ranging from the New York Times, CourtTV, Fox News, Reuters, Washington Post, National Public Radio, and Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, among many others. He is a frequent Continuing Legal Education course speaker to teach lawyers and judges in developments and the law, both in Wisconsin and nationally. Finally, Tom has also presented across the country, both online and in person, concerning the law and culture to the public. In addition to speaking engagements, Tom has also contributed to the national conversation in writing on emerging legal topics and has been published in Conceal Carry Magazine and elsewhere on multiple occasions. He also edited the book and contributed legal input on various other publications, including the "Wisconsin Guide for Armed Citizens" on behalf of the National Association of Certified Firearm Instructors. Tom Grieve is recognized among the top Wisconsin and Milwaukee area lawyers. Recently named once again as a top Wisconsin criminal defense attorney, Tom was inducted into the “Wisconsin Rising Star” category by Super Lawyers (a nationally acclaimed attorney rating organization). He was also chosen as a "Top 100 Trial Lawyers" in Wisconsin by the National Trial Lawyers Association. Tom was also chosen for the "Top Attorneys of Wisconsin" by both Milwaukee Magazine and Madison Magazine. To learn more, check out his law firm's website a Legal Disclaimer: nothing in this video is offered as legal advice or a formation of attorney-client relationship. If you want to hire my firm to be a client, you need to do just that and hire us... not watch us on the internet. If that offends your delicate sensibilities, just stop and be an adult. If you are outside of Wisconsin and want an attorney, contact one near where you are and stop trying to blame the internet and other people for your problems. This video is for educational purposes only and any clips or images shown are under fair use.

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