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Saturday, November 4, 2023

High Treason by highest levels of Government under Biden Administration

 Covid 19 mandatory vaccination of the US military was experimental. In our opinion, Biden's orders were unconstitutional and criminal. Biden should be investigated for being an Agent of a foreign government considering the evidence of receiving foreign money. 

The Military was forced into experimental gene therapy. The higher-ranking officers of our military who mandated the experimental jabs should all be prosecuted and criminally charged for damaging government property at a minimum if not treason or numerous other charges. They are all felons and deserve dishonorable discharges.

Before any of the Ranking Officers make the effective and readiness BS argument, I would like to state that the French Foreign Legion does not require any vaccines for their military. This argument is complete trash that US officials make and is as bad as the Fauci junk science that has been going on for decades. CDC, FDA, NIAD, and NIH should all be defunded. The military should be pulled out of all Pharmaceutical bioweapon "gain of function" procedures and experiments. No one from the military should have anything to do with pharmaceutical approval procedures nor should any pharmaceutical product be forced on our military. The damages caused are not fixable and they will be lifelong. Heart injuries are not recoverable and are not mild. They destroyed lives and no one signed up for the military to be a pharmaceutical guinea pig.

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