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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

IS America Ready for Illegal VOTES

 Is America Ready for Illegal VOTES

Homeless and Veterans have been displaced by illegal immigrants. All the illegals think Biden is the greatest when in reality he's the worst president in human history and is just using these people to try and steal electoral votes via census statistics. The people who did not come through valid ports of entry should be deported immediately which a majority did not. Cartels are operating in all 50 states at this point. There is a legal process to apply to come to this country and file for asylum. This invasion is a cover-up for Covid Vacccine Murders and it's an attempt to keep electorals for Dem States that lost citizens who decided to move to other states due to tyrannical policies and poor state management. What we are witnessing is a replacement of the citizenry. If you don't think this will impact the future of American Life you are sadly mistaken. Plenty of these people do not know how to even read and write. Do you think this will have a positive impact on our public schools? Especially if you can't afford to send your kid to a private school. 

Get Ready America. Reach out to your RNC office and Volunteer. The war has already started. American Citizens are losing it.

United Nations and other global agencies have been receiving funds from US Taxes to pay for these people to migrate here. The treason by this Current Administration is blatant and overwhelming. People need to wake up.

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