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Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Proof that the ATF Has No Problem Killing You

Proof that the ATF Has No Problem Killing You

Ever wonder if the three letter agencies like the ATF really value human life? Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, today discusses the very bizarre and tragic tale of Bryan Malinowski, who was gunned down by ATF agents in his own home last week when they served a search warrant on his home. If the allegations are true in the probable cause affidavit, then Yes, the ATF had probable cause to arrest him. Yes, they also had PC for a search warrant. But the manner in which the ATF chose to execute the warrant, and in turn execute Mr. Malinowski leaves all of us wondering if this is proof that the ATF will sometimes, just kill you? So learn more and arm yourself with education today. Read the Warrant and Affidavit here. Ex. 1 Search Warrant (003) - FOR PUBLIC VIEWING.pdf - Google Drive

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