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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

How Billionaires do evil deeds and escape liability at the same time as getting a tax credit

How Billionaires do evil deeds and escape liability at the same time as getting a tax credit

Billionaires like Bill Gates, Rockefellers, Rothchild's. 

So how do people like Bill Gates get away with murder? Well, I'll tell you. He and others create fancy nice-named foundations like the "Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation" and then he gets a tax ride off for donating to himself at the same time as holding a controlling seat over the money regardless of the board that is there in name only. 

Then you start moving your funds under the foundation for your depopulation efforts. 

Bill Gates gets governments to sign off on liability through contracts then starts funding the development and manufacturing of Vaccines with many that have been killed and injured in other countries. Then he is praised in a controlled and corrupted media which is now just a propaganda machine. 

Bill Gates knows what he is doing is wrong and doesn't care. He is very familiar with being under scrutiny and violating antitrust laws. Research all his early days being dragged in front of Congress. Bill Gates is excellent at public speaking and acting like he knows what's best for you, but the people he hangs with sees the general public as useless eaters. Your Fake-checkers out there have been funded by pharma companies and big tech. Zuckerberg had to admit that Facebook's (aka Fascistbook)  fact checkers were only mere opinions. Think about all the non-indoctrinated good doctors that were silenced under covid because of Zuckerberg's opinion checkers. Facebook Fact Checks Are Opinions, Not Facts | AllSides It's important to know that these big tech oligarchs are all federal contractors if they are allowing the Whitehouse to dictate agendas and violate the public's freedom of speech.  

As seen with Mark Zuckerberg, this same tactic was used to sway and tamper with elections in Wisconsin all while collecting a tax credit for donating to himself. As long as they do their evil deeds against the population under their foundations they continue to get away with crimes. 

Mark Zuckerberg did not save 2020 election like all the puff pieces of trash you see. In reality, he sabotaged the election and went against the people's will, because he too is a World Economic Forum Puppet. 

The Wisconsin "Zuckerbucks" Problem: New Data Reveals Private Funding of Election Offices Was More Widespread Than Initially Estimated (

He's on the side of globalists in increasing his power and influence and destroying the middle class. He thinks he's above us all. His influence negatively impacted Wisconsin's Election outcome. I see these foundations committing acts of Treason. The public should be pissed, but all I can do is educate the masses.

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