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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Ivan Raiklin the Secretary of Retribution

 Ivan Raiklin the Secretary of Retribution

Ivan talks to Zoey Chase from This American Life on NPR, discusses the Deep State Target list and the three segments of the US Department of Retribution
1. Researchers
2. Ass Kickers
3. Live Streamers
Ivan notes that Zoey will not be participating in live streaming the peaceful legal raids of those individuals listed on the Deep State Target list, since her show airs on NPR. Zoey agrees that this American life does not do live streaming.

The only problem I see with what IVAN is stating above is the fact that the Justice System needs to be fixed first.  I've seen too many slaps on the hands for election fraud and tampering felonies in Wisconsin. We need to impeach judges and prosecutors who blatantly make a mockery of our constitution and election laws. 

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