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Sunday, June 30, 2024

The ATF Makes A BOLD Move Against Forced Reset Triggers!

 The ATF Makes A BOLD Move Against Forced Reset Triggers!

Lawrence DeMonico, President of Rare Breed Triggers, gives an update on his lawsuit against the ATF. The ATF and DOJ have gotten devilishly creative, even going as far as targeting his banks and freezing his assets. With the aid of the National Association for Gun Rights this fight is gearing up for it's final stage, but it'll take all the support possible to carry gun owners over the finish line. DONATE To Our Legal Defense Fund Here: Made up of more than 4.5 million grassroots activists, the National Association for Gun Rights leads the charge to halt the radical gun-grabbing agenda running rampant across the nation. Accepting NO COMPROMISE on the issue of gun control, NAGR works tirelessly to hold politicians accountable for their anti-gun views and has made great strides in protecting and preserving the Second Amendment. But our effectiveness in the battle against these attacks on your liberties depend entirely on the support from pro-gun patriots like you.

00:00 It's Been Awhile 
00:09 Why I'm Fighting The ATF
00:48 Go Here For The Full Story 
01:00 The Court's Have Kept Us Waiting 
01:40 The ATF and DOJ Went After My Wallet! 
02:50 Their Harassment Continued 
04:23 The ATF Act Above The Supreme Court 
05:00 The ATF VISIT FRT Owners! 
06:12 A Pivotal Moment 
06:50 We Need Your Help In The FightSHOW LESS

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