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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Columbia County Public Shooting Range

Columbia County Public Shooting Range

What the DNR is not telling the public is that these hours are subject to change and we can fight to have hours changed to a more acceptable timeframe. I ask all followers and shooters who commute to the range in Columbia County to make phone calls. Currently, the DNR is listening to a couple die-hard liberals that never wanted this range in the first place. 

There was a committee formed to pick the location. There was notice to the public and now people are trying to trample on the majority. Today, I visited the range but could not shoot do to the overpopulated weekenders. This issue was created by the DNR by going from Sun up to Sun Down hours to an extreme 10 AM to 6PM making it impossible to shoot on the weekday afternoons causing the weekend hours to be overcrowded. Sucks for anyone that doesn't live next to it. Commuting 30+ minutes to get there, this leaves people irritated. Make phone calls people. The few should not be able to dictate down to the many. Sell your house and relocate if you have a problem, you had the opportunity to voice your opinion and I don't care if the DNR has other properties with restricted hours. This location serves the Madison Area and a much larger population.

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