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Friday, April 9, 2021

Project: Civilian Marksmanship Competition Rifle Build(Continued)

 Project: CMP Competition Rifle Build (Continued)

Laser Engraving the custom logo and marking on the lower receiver.

The Engraver will take the information and image data you provided and enter it into their software for the laser.

Here we are trying to calculate and coordinate laser engraving placement.

The Engraving machine is actually creating a box of where the laser will burn images or lettering. This will help you place the receiver and get it aligned before the engraving run.  

This is a timely process it can take over an 1 hr just for this. Oh there goes Joe Biden's 30 min kit build theory.

If you want the ability to actually report your firearm stolen it's always wise to have it laser engraved.
I would like to point out these videos below are only a short portion of the time the engraving process actually took. I wanted to spare you the hours of repeating steps. The program repeats the image cuts many many times to get the depth we need for inlay work.

The laser engravings were done at Three Goats Firearms Click the image and check them out. Let them know we sent you!

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