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Friday, April 9, 2021

Project: Project: Civilian Marksmanship Competition Rifle Build Day 3(Continued) Inlay work

 Project: Project: Civilian Marksmanship Competition Rifle Build Day 3(Continued) 

Inlay work. After Engraving. I add black paint to make things more detailed and visible. I will be using black as I did on my previous 300 Blackout Project. 

Now when you start with this be sure to have water standing by Rubbing alcohol. I would recommend 90% alcohol over 70% it's better to use when swiping and cleaning the excess off. Use cue tips as well for edges and harder spots. 

at this point just let it set up and dry. Pending on the paint you can also choose to bake it.
NOTE: If you are heating it be sure to use an oven you don't plan on using for food. 

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