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Saturday, March 26, 2022

AR10 / S25 / LR-308 Build Project continuation

 AR10 / S25 / LR-308 Build Project continuation. Project Dubbed KMS-PR-MK1 

(Kieler Militia Supply Precision Rifle MK1) our take on a precision AR10

Previously we assembled the upper forward assist and dust cover. 

Now we move on to installing the barrel and full assembly of the upper. 

We lucked out on the fitment of the upper to the barrel it was so tight that we are putting the barrel in the freezer to shrink the barrel extension just enough to fit it into the upper. Because of how tight it is we will not require shims or Loctite for bedding. As the metal warms it will expand even tighter. absolutely zero play between receiver and barret extension. I've never had such a tight-fitting barrel to receiver match up. I could be the Wilson Combat Super Sniper barrel, or it could just be dumb luck with the Cerakote coating that was done to the upper. Either way, it's just the fitment we want. 

This tool is a specialty tool required for the AR10 Precision Reflex barrel nut.

After torquing the barrel nut and finding the proper alignment for gas tube. 
It's time to assemble the gas system. Here I am assembling the adjustable gas block. 
Adjustable gas block allows for custom tuning of the gas system. Very handy for precision shooting also tuning for suppressor being added down the road. 

Because we are using Precision Reflex Inc upper rail and foregrip some specialty tools are required.

For scope mounting we opted for this Wheeler Cantilever Mount 30mm with a flip out Anti-cant Level 

For scope we opted for the Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II Riflescope 5-25 x 50 FFP with EBR-2C in (MOA)

Wilson Combat's Super Sniper .308 barrel is a 1:10 twist rate.

Final Product ready for test firing.

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