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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Latest updates on Bill Gates and United Nations Globalist elites and how it will impact you if you don't fight back.

 Latest updates on Bill Gates and United Nations Globalist elites and how it will impact you if you don't fight back. 

Bill Gates aka Captain Depopulation is back at it again. He's all about trampling your rights and circumventing pesky laws. This guy over the years has been pulled in front of numerous antitrust hearings. What needs to happen is criminal charges. Good thing his wife jumped ship when she did. 

From Unsafe GMO products to trying to get MRNA into your food. Now the digital ID efforts. 

It's time to thoroughly investigate Bill Gates and his bogus liability skirting Foundation and everything he invests in. Gain of Function is bioweapon manufacturing. 

As far as I'm concerned and in my opinion, he's a serial killer through the efforts of his "philanthropic foundation". These billionaires will hide their evil affairs through foundations at the same time as escaping taxes by donating to their own organizations. Maybe the IRS should look into removing tax exemptions for people donating to their own foundations. 

Hey Bill, CDC, FDA, NIH, NIAD, Where is the study that proves natural immunity can't do better than vaccines? Where is the evidence? I'll give the typical FDA response there's no data on that. In reality, we didn't want to go looking for it. Listen, people, Any agency that claims to be a private sector partner cannot be a regulator. If I was in charge I would be telling FDA to go get the data and the product would not be approved till proven safe or I would remove their liability protections. 

Listen, if a company feels their products are safe and effective then they should be standing behind the product fully with no liability protections. If they can't do that then the product shouldn't be on the market and we sure as hell shouldn't be subsidizing it with our taxpaying dollars. 

It's time that our government does some deep house cleaning. 

Everyone needs to hound their elected officials to stop this madness and hold them accountable at the ballot box if they don't start falling in line when it comes to the Bill of Rights and the Safety of our food supply. 

This digital currency BS is all about controlling the populous and further trampling people's rights and ability to travel. It's all coming down the pipe if people don't start stepping up and being vocal with elected leaders it'll be too late. No matter what never get rid of your guns. 

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